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from sacrosanct

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spiderbite studios

copyright © 2002 whitney.m.kew

It is a misty morning
when I awaken
I look out my window
across the sand, toward the beckoning sea
I want to swim,
to wash the slumber from my weary eyes
I walk out into the biting offshore breeze
and I shiver with the thought
of being cold,
of being alive.
The glare burns my eyes,
for the eerie morning fog
has not yet dispersed
I stand as a pillar
as the salty wind slices through
my hair and my swaddling clothes
as I gaze out toward sea
I can feel a trillion tiny droplets
of dew on my face
and I am awake.

I shed

and wade out amongst the waves
I melt into the currents
and taste the salt on my lips
and in my eyes
I am floating
of inhibitions
and it is heavenly.
I tread farther than I've ever gone before
I can't feel the bottom
I'm at the mercy
of something infinitely more powerful than I
but I am not scared
It carries me out
farther than I've ever dared to stray
The tides carry me where they may.
I feel like I'm flying
in a sphere of peaceful darkness
I've no control over where I float
I can't go anywhere I want anymore
I am startled by a slab of wood
that brushes past my arm
I turn it over
someone has inscribed a message:

Beware of sacrificial implications
Just remember who you are
There will be repercussions
If you dare to tread too far.

I am awake.
I look back towards the shore
and I'm amazed by how far out I have come
And through the haze
my gaze can barely make out
the silhouette
of the lighthouse
that stands as a pillar
of hope
to those who tread too far to see
and its beacon reaches out toward me.