-[water and wine]-

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from sacrosanct

copyright © 1997 whitney.m.kew

I've awakened
I drink with my sole remainder of visions
and memories past
Wine pours down my trunk
the sap draining out
containing all I've won
and lost.

love has never failed me
love has never felled me
love has never felt me

Humble in scope
I've returned to her at her beckoning
And I can hear the sirens....
No feelings of remorse
though I've heard the word of her bosom
it encompasses my ashes and houses my soul
The earth is lachrymose
and water is sucked from her
loving embrace
so close

Standing under a dim street light
enshrouded by the misty night
I see her gliding toward me
A drop of dew falls
from an overhead pine
and lands on my glistening cheek
A flood of memories wants to wash away my sins and loves at last
as she draws near....
I taste the wine on my swollen lips
and I watch her wince
with each sip
The blood is draining from her face
as I drink, but I want to tell her
how warm it feels

And it begins to rain
and the steam rises from the parched ground
as I savor her celestial gift
It runs through my hair,
cold down my shivering back,
as I drop to my knees and I gaze at her face
Her eyes are languid and crystalline
A glassy tear settles on her lips
for only she knows that water can be turned into wine
And I look up at her with remorse and regret
and pity, and I want to comfort her,
to give her hope, to let her forget....

A ray of dawn filters through the waning dusk
as the rain becomes sparse
and her face seems brighter
I feel a sharp prick on my cheek as the light grows
the needle of the pine has fallen off
and lands on the moist ground
and the tears well up to cleanse my eyes....

I dry my eyes to revive
I am awake and alive.