10.30.2012 collide releases bent and broken, which features utopia (unraveling breaths) by -[kew]-
11.06.2008 collide releases not forgotten, which features halo (crimson incision mix) by -[kew]-
03.30.2006 released a cover of depeche mode's halo.
07.06.2005 composed music for my friend Trevor Schultz's short film, "Odds Against".
10.21.2004 composed sounds for my friend Trevor Schultz's award-winning three-minute
film, "Scourged".
10.19.2004 the brand new track sacrifice is released.
06.27.2004 wrote the score for a five-minute film by my friend Trevor Schultz.
03.28.2004 spiderbite studios' cd compilation macabre decadence
features the -[kew]- track
01.14.2004 thorn apple's new album "datura" is released.
10.31.2003 completed halo (crimson incision mix) for collide.
08.18.2003 released a cover of depeche mode's lie to me.
04.29.2003 kid antrim music's dance/industrial compilation cd 2003 has been released.
the cd features the -[kew]- track
transfixed. the full tracklisting is here.
11.11.2002 completed in the circle (kew mix) for hungry lucy, available on their album glō.